Debt ceiling, downgrades; thoughts while I was rambling around Texas

I have been out of touch with my blog lately.  We spent some time in the Hill Country with no internet access.  I did have satellite TV  and of course, talk radio, so we were aware of all that was going on.

So we raised the debt limit, didn’t really solve the debt problem, didn’t shut down the government, didn’t default; WERE downgraded. Surprise, surprise.  NOT.  If I had maxed out credit cards I would not expect my credit card companies to send me a letter saying they were raising my credit limit.  I would expect a letter telling me they were calling in all the debts, or at the very least cutting off the credit. I would not really be able to blame them for letting me have all that credit in the first place, I would be the one to blame.  I wouldn’t be able to blame anyone who had warned me not to charge so much, I would still be the one to blame, not the person who warned me.

You see where I am going with this.  I am appalled at a mainstream media, a political party, or anyone else who would blame the tea parties for the downgrade and falling stock market.  A true blame the messenger situation. “Paint them as the enemy, no siree, we had nothing to do with it,” to paraphrase John Kerry and every other politician and newsspeak person who blamed “The Tea Party” on the downgrade and subsequent Wall Street chaos.

The truth is we have been heading this direction for a very long time. Why should we keep our AAA rating when we act like drunken sailors on a spending spree?  (No offense meant to my Navy friends and relatives, just using an old phrase.)  We MUST stop the spending. Across the board cuts are called for. Every department in every bureaucracy has that much waste in it.

The One Cent Solution is worth looking at as a solution. Go give it a look, think it over, comment on it, send it on. There are other plans that would work but this one is simple. Remember the KISS, Keep it simple stupid.

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