V J Day!!!

V J Day Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945

It’s not on the calendar.  Fortunately I ran across this vimeo while reading some blogs.  I got so excited and eager to send it around; post on Facebook; and in general reminisce that I forgot where I found it. No matter, it is the original that counts.

Unfortunately WordPress is cranky about adding videos or vimeos so I could not get it into the blog,  Just click on this link and you will find it.

I was just a girl but the war was a big thing in my life and in the lives of every one around me. In fact it was a big deal for the country.  We all listened to the news, gathered around the radio. We lived in a “camp”* set up for workers in a “war plant.” A little community of people who were like a small town inside a larger town.

The County park was across the street from our community. Everything in town was held at the park.  When the war ended that was where the celebration was held.  Far into the night.

We understood the excitement, we had uncles and cousins in the war. The ones in the European conflict were already deemed safe as victory had been achieved there earlier.  But the war in Japan was still a huge threat to our loved ones. We cheered when we heard the atomic bomb over the radio. Well, actually we listened in stunned silence. We cheered in our hearts.

And when it was finally over and V J day was declared, well, you can just imagine the excitement. It was as if we were all released from fear and anxiety in one magic moment.

The morning after there were still people in the park. They slept there. To our childish eyes we were afraid we were seeing dead people.  Mother explained they just camped out overnight.  She was probably laughing inside and didn’t want to tell us they were just “dead drunk.”  It sure didn’t look very lively to us then!

But still what we remember is the excitement! The freedom!  We won! The world is safe again. I wish that had stayed true.

*That camp was frame houses, very nicely built considering it was called a camp.  A visit back some years ago by me and my sisters found the “camp” still there and looking very good. After the war some of the workers bought the homes from the company and added on to them.  The landscaping that had been done in in the 1940’s has grown into full grown trees, shrubs and it was just your conventional suburb.



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