Obama swings at the Pinata

Michael Barone said He bitterly assailed one straw man after another and made reference to a grab bag of proposals which would cost something on the order of $450 billionassuring us on the one hand that they all had been supported by Republicans as well as Democrats in the past and suggesting that somehow they are going to turn the economy around.”

Now, I didn’t watch this performance but I do believe he was swinging at the pinata hoping to break it and bring down a whole bag of goodies wrapped in dollar bills that have no meaning.  Here’s part of the list:

cuts in the payroll tax – a further extension of unemployment insurance – a tax credit for hiring the long-term unemployed – his pet project of high-speed rail – infrastructure spending generally – He called for a school modernization program – funding more teacher jobs-

Barone goes on to say:

“When Barack Obama says, “This isn’t political grandstanding,” you have a pretty good clue that that is exactly what it is. Lest anyone doubt that, consider this from the third-to-last paragraph. “You should pass it. And I intend to take that message to every corner of the country.”

In other words, this was a campaign speech.”

I have no doubt of that.   Read it all here.

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