Green Fascism from Powerline blog

This is an interesting and informative discussion of how green fascism is working to dislocate native peoples in Africa. It is truly disgraceful.

Green Fascism at Work

by Steven Hayward
Sometimes I like to point out that even if catastrophic global warming could be conclusively proven, it would not change one crucial political fact: Al Gore and the environmental left are the last people you would trust to solve the problem. This is a variation of my axiom that the environment is much too important to be left to environmentalists—they’ll just screw it up further and crush our liberties.

Case in point is a story in the New York Times last Wednesday that escaped my notice.  (Hat tip: CR & SP.)  Know how we always hear that we must tackle climate change to protect the dispossessed poor in the developing world?  Well, it turns out that dispossessing the poor is what climate action is all about.  The Times story looks at one of the trendy ideas in the authoritarian climate change orthodoxy, planting trees in developing nations so that you can sell “offset credits” in the phony carbon exchange markets that have been set up.  Oxfam reports on how thousands of Africans have been forcibly evicted from their land, often violently, to make way for a tree plantation by some European company:

Read the whole article and the New York Times story if you can get it. Just more of the hypocrisy of the liberal environmental groups.

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