Cultural Welfare; Rick Perry + and -;Occupy Wall Street and the Commies, Muslims and other misfits

This is from Politico, not a good sign for Obama.

Obama launches cultural warfare

President Barack Obama stands accused by conservatives of waging class warfare, seeking to galvanize his base and lure middle-class voters by pitting the rich against everyone else.

But Obama’s reelection strategy is about more than the haves and have-nots. It appears he is seeking to stir up full-blown cultural warfare against a large and diverse segment of society known as Republicans.

Having failed to lower the unemployment rate to a politically tolerable level, Obama cannot run as most presidential candidates do — on the economy. So he and his advisers seem to have decided instead to mount a deeply polarizing campaign based on “values” — suggesting his vision for America is correct even if the economy is not right yet.

But in waging this battle, Obama is saying nasty and dangerous things. He is promoting his own principles — not just by touting their goodness, but by suggesting that Republicans hold to an offensive, even un-American, philosophy.

By painting his opposition as not just wrong but evil, Obama risks dividing the nation in a profound and unnecessary way.

There is more, read it.  I think you will agree he is the most aggressively divisive president we have ever had.

There are two Rick Perry articles.  I cannot read the minds of the authors and editors but I have a strong right wing hunch they are both trying to paint him in a bad light. But as a right winger I find them both to be pluses for Perry. That explains the title of plus and minus signs;

First from the Washington Post:

Rick Perry takes military-style tack to protect Texas border from Mexican cartels
By William Booth

Alone among his Republican rivals running for president, the Texas governor has a small army at his disposal. Over the past three years, he has deployed it along his southern flank in a secretive, military-style campaign that his supporters deem absolutely necessary and successful and that his critics call an overzealous, expensive and mostly ineffective political stunt.

A hawk when it comes to Mexican cartels, Perry said in New Hampshire this month that as president he would consider sending U.S. troops into Mexico to combat drug violence there and stop it from spilling into the United States.

The June incident along the Rio Grande was typical of Perry’s border security campaign: a lot of swagger, with mixed results. The initial news release said the Texas Rangers team came “under heavy fire” by members of the Gulf cartel, though officials later said it was “four to six shots.”

You can see now why I think they meant it to be a bad thing. Most of us here in Texas think it is probably not enough. Read the whole 3 pages. Make up you own mind on it.

The next article is from the San Francisco Chronicle, I’m sure they think they are showing what an evil man he is when it comes to the environment. Of course they have never admitted how messy those horse and buggy days were.

Perry slashed environmental enforcement in Texas

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry likes to say the best way to promote economic growth is to reduce regulation. As governor of Texas, he’s keeping environmental rules to a minimum.

In the past year Perry has cut funding for clean air programs and sued the Environmental Protection Agency to avoid enforcing clean air laws. And he routinely blasts the White House for tightening environmental standards, signaling what he would do if elected president.

He cut the budget for Texas’ environmental watchdog by a third. That translates to 11 percent fewer inspections. He also signed a law in June that requires Texas to consider the effect of new regulations on the economy before passing changes.

However, government and business data show little evidence that regulation costs a significant number of jobs.

I can just see what the rest of the Southern states and Texans have to say about that. Ask those who are out of work because of all the new EPA regulations.)

Next we visit The American Thinker for news on the Occupy Wall Street thugs. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some mistaken innocents who think this is a good thing. I just happen to know better.

The Revolutionaries’ Revenge
By Sally Zelikovsky

The media are mistakenly characterizing the Occupy Wall Street movement as unemployed Millennials with a legitimate gripe against Wall Street consistent with the Tea Party, or as a rag-tag group of unemployed stoners with no coherent message, not to be taken too seriously. After spending hours interviewing protesters in Oakland, California, both characterizations are way off base. If either scenario were apt, these folks would be marching on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and storming Congress. Instead, they’re taking on Wall Street and storming the homes of the wealthy and the buildings of large corporations.

It’s Mourning in America, friends. Wake up to the fetid smell of Marxism taking over Main Street, intent on crushing Wall Street.

Each person interviewed in Oakland had the same story to tell, and if you listen carefully to the video from the main stream press, it’s this: capitalism is the root of all evil.

How grassroots can this movement be when a simple scroll through the internet reveals that Big Labor and Big Community Organization are openly supporting it, organizing it, taking donations for it and drafting petitions for it? Some of those organizations are MoveOn, SEIU, AFL-CIO, National Nurses United, Working Families Party, Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream, Adbusters, US Day of Rage, Take the Square, October 2011, We are the 99%, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, CREDO and MoveOn’s very own — the international progenitor of the Arab Spring.

Go to American Thinker to read the rest of this. Learn how well planned and organized it actually is. Read the emails from This was written by a mother in the Bay area. She is in the middle of the most socialist society in America.

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