Why are we allowing the media and the Democrats to nominate our candidate?

I watched the so called debate last night and have some thoughts on the whole fiasco we are calling debates.  In the title I said the media and the Democrats. We all know they are one and the same.  Who are the Republican guiding lights who let this happen?

Last night’s debates made us wonder if Jim Cramer and Maria Bartiromo were moderating, asking question, or debating.  Much of it looked more like an inquisitions rather that questions.  That is true for all the so called debates and excludes the discussion debate held in the Woodlands last week.

Last week Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain had a discussion debate where there was actually very little moderation, it was not an inquisition and both had a chance to really elaborate on their views and how they would govern.  That is the style we need to see, lengthy discussions on the candidates’ views plans.

The media today is calling last night’s game as they usually do, as a sporting event.  Who won, who bombed, etc.  Really, it is more that I can stomach.  Gaffes matter depending on which person might have misspoke, hesitated or in any way committed a human foible.

Today’s man to be hit by the barbs is Rick Perry who did have a brain freeze last night. BUT so did Mitt Romney who quickly reversed his numbers of the years of his marriage.  I have heard NOTHING about that today.

I heard Ann Curry get a double, or possibly a triple hit in, by asking Perry about his gaffe while at the same time asking about Cain’s charging his team with leaking the sexual innuendo news.  Got it? Hit Perry for the gaffe while getting to bring up changes against his team AND making sure everyone hears about the alleged  sexual whatever again.

I will vote for whomever has the R after their name.  I am not a registered Republican, I am registered as an independent, no political affiliation.  But, I have to say this, much more of this and I will be going down to register as Republican so I can work on changing the powers that be who arranged all these smackdowns called debates.

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