A catching up on the news post

I have been where internet access is unavailable for most of the time since Dec 30th so there is a lot of catching up for me to do.  Some of it is inconsequential so I am posting just from today’s gleanings.

no surprise here:
Feds find failures in Cook Co. homeland security project

or here:
WAR DRUMS: Iran begins enriching uranium at underground lab…

so now we are back to global cooling…..
Only YOU can save Earth from the next ice age!
last paragraph: “But since apparently nobody knows what they’re talking about anyway, enjoy the warm weather this winter and do your part to stop killer glaciers from crushing America yet again. The world is counting on you.” (their words not mine, but my sentiments, exactly)

Obama team altering appraisal system for top-level civil servants
This sounds like more politics to me, especially when you consider those he values must have the proper “progressive” instincts.

GOP candidates in circular firing squad
apparently E J Dionne just noticed this approach to politics- it’s what the rest of us have been saying all along, and I personally think it is to our detriment and orchestrated by the liberal media.

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