Conservatives have lost a BIG voice

It’s been several days now since we were shocked by the news of the death of Andrew Breitbart. It has taken a while for it all to sink in.  He has done so much for the cause.  Without him ACORN would still be in control of our voting booths, counting, distribution and counting of the early and militiary ballots.   With ACORN in control of all that it is easy to lose an election.

He was a young man, younger than all my children, and he had not been working on the conservative cause for that many years.  He had a huge impact.  He will be missed.  Many bloggers and non-bloggers have realized it must happen that WE ARE ALL BREITBART now.  We must carry on where he left off.  We must not forget and we must not go slack.  We MUST BE MORE BOLD.

There is an amazing testimony from a fellow Hollywood writer and producer that touched me so I must share it with all who land here, either on purpose or mistake.  has a blog he calls BXX. In tribute to Andrew he wrote a long and touching story of his slow conversion to conservatism.  Read it, it is very important. He calls it  Chasing Andrew. Read it all.  It is a most fitting tribute and a warning of what the Hollywood life is all about.

Chasing Andrew


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  1. Traditional Tibby says:

    It was touching and beautifully written, wasn’t it.

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