News of Interest March 7, 2012

Now we know some of what happened to Detroit

Audit: Part of $11M grant for Detroit job seekers only aided 2

Texas for third year warns against spring break Mexico

The Medevac controvery in Afghanistan. If you do not know about this now is the time to inform yourself.  We have soldiers dying unnecessarily because they put red crosses on them only in this service.  Read this article and you might want to take some action with your  Representative or Senator.  Key points:

The Red Cross markings common to MEDEVAC vehicles of all types, ground or air ambulances, are consistent with the requirements of the Geneva Conventions.  [False: there is zero requirement to wear the Red Cross.  The Air Force, Marines, British and Dutch do not use the Red Cross in Afghanistan.  Nor do Army Special Operations Forces.  Only Army Dustoff MEDEVAC are ordered to wear the Red Cross, and the manner in which they fly in Afghanistan actually violates the Geneva Conventions.  The violations occur in numerous ways.  For instance, aircraft marked with the Red Cross are not permitted to fly over the enemy.  Marked MEDEVAC also must fly over pre-agreed routes at pre-agreed times, and must land for inspection when summoned by the enemy.  We violate or do not adhere to these and other GC provisions in Afghanistan.  Most bizarre in this MEDEVAC debacle is that with his letter, Senator Levin is suborning violating Geneva Conventions, and may be encouraging the Pentagon to break the law.  Of course the normal reply to this is, “The Taliban are not signatory to the GC.”  And in rebuttal, “Agreed.  The Taliban are not signatory.  And so why did Senator Levin bring up requirements of the GC, implying that the Air Force, British, and Dutch are in violation?   If GC does not apply, why bring GC into the discussion, and why alert the enemy to unarmed helicopters by wearing the Red Cross?

Michael Yon has been all over the military over this and has had some major battles with some military and gov’t officials.  You should go back and read all he has written on this issue.

Good-Bye Friend & Patriot Andrew Breitbart – Your Legacy Lives On

The Left’s assault on free speech they are trying to silence our spokespeople.

A Nation of Breitbarts Rallies for Rush this is a long one, read it all. Then be sure to read the  previous article here: It really is all about silencing the voices of conservatism.





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