Constitution? What Constitution?

I’m not a constitutional lawyer, I’m not even a lawyer. I’m just a woman who sits here at home, not in a basement or in pajamas, and reads a lot of news online. I read the local papers, I read the Houston Chronicle and the Washington post. I look at Drudge and link some of his stories; I read, and in addition I have RSS feeds to about 100 assorted blogs, some of which I read everyday and some maybe once a week. One thing I can tell you from all I read and hear is there is a hornet’s nest type buzz over the President’s attack on the Supreme Court. And well there should be.

Yesterday even Ruth Marcus was taken aback. A Federal Judge struck back asking to for a letter from the Attorney General explaining whether or not the courts could strike down a law as unconstitutional. And he was stern in his order.

Today we get this in the news: Obama tones it down, Eric Holder tones it down,, and some newspaper columnists are of the option the court does not seem to count at all. Interesting enough one is named Dowd and one is named Dow, just a coincidence I am sure. And this Dow is calling for impeachment of the judges–over politics. Constitution be damned!

But in truth even the president has toned it down. Well, sort of, that was yesterday. Today? Who knows what else he will say, what games he will play.

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