How many kinds of Debt? How much Debt?

Our country is deeply in debt and it is growing every day.   Here are some debts that are not in money.

We have some debts of education owed to at least two generations of students who were not taught well in school.  Even if we turn that around it is going to take many years to overcome that deficit.  Money is not the issue; facts, figures, history, literature and music make up that debt.  Cultural education is part of that deficit.  What will it take to climb out of the education hole? I am not giving the answers here.  That is going to take more space and thought available to me.

Immigration debt.  Think of it.  My son came up with this theory.  We give one million people legal permission to immigrate here every year.  Suppose we took that permission and gave it to the illegal immigrants who are here now.  Then there would be an immigration debt and NO ONE would legally be allowed to immigrate until that debt was paid, i.e. many years with no immigration legally or illegally.  We all know that is never going to fly, but those people who are here illegally are driving us into immigration debt.

I was brought to these thoughts by this:  my house had many guests for a week and more.  Unknown to me some were downloading videos, TV shows and even a movie or two.  I have satellite television service and my usage does not permit that much downloading.  Now, fortunately they warn when you are reaching the limit.  It is a 30 day rolling average.  Well, even though every visitor laptop, iPhone and iPad are gone it is going to take quite a while to get that average down.

That is going to be true with our money debt, our education debt, our immigration debt and our cultural debt even if we manage to turn the ship of state around in the next election.  Be prepared, the battle against these debts will go on.  We must be prepared, it will take some sacrifice.

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