There’s No Good News Tonight

If you are anywhere near my age you remember listening to the news and hearing Gabriel Heatter say either “There’s good news tonight,” or “there’s bad news tonight.” During the war years he sometimes had to look very hard to find the good news. I’m feeling that way right now.

The 2nd American Revolution Is Coming – by AJ Strata in The Stratasphere blog.

U.S. Becoming a Nation of Dependents Poweline Blog by John Hinderaker

Noonan: Ennui the People I don’t agree with her on much and I don’t think Condi Rice should be the VP candidate, but in this she hits the problems right on the head.

“Green” Energy Bias Killing California. “ via

Chicken Vaccines Combine to Produce Deadly Virus. Uh Oh, this could be really bad news. via Instapundit

Rand Simberg: After the Sandusky coverup, can we trust Penn State’s internal ClimateGate “exoneration” of Michael Mann? via Instapundit

If you are too young to remember Gabriel Heatter I’ve done the googling for you, go here:

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