An Apology to my Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren

I apologize for the nation I am leaving you. When I was a child, and when I was a young mother, the United States of America was a great nation. We had our faults but we were looked up to around the world, and then like now, many wanted to come here. We were considered the land of opportunity.

We had faults, oh yes, we had faults and because we are made up of individuals we still have faults. But we had the initiative to fix those faults and while many young black and Hispanic people feel we haven’t done enough, I invite them to actually visit the past and see what strides have been made. I would like to remind them it was the Republicans who voted in the Civil Rights Act. Those old white guys did it.

What all am I talking about then, why am I apologizing? Well for one thing it is the $139,000 debt that each of them had on their head as of August 30, 2012. That has grown with each day since then. How can an economy grow to accommodate them when they start out with such a debt. By the way, that is what each individual in the US owed on August 30 if you divide the debt with the number of people, citizens, here.

I apologize for not handing over a nation that stands tall against evil, a nation that knows evil when they see it. I watched as a child while the United States went to war against aggression in Hitler’s Germany, Italy’s Mussolini and Japan’s Hirohito. In only one of those cases was the US attacked., we did it to overcome evil.

We saw the hand of the Chinese Red Communist taking over Korea, and we went into a pseudo war there and in Vietnam. I say pseudo because they were undeclared wars yet many of our young people were sacrificed on the altar of stopping evil. In truth that is when the rot set it, we didn’t stop it, we became “anti-war” instead. By that I mean more young people, the spoiled boomers, said I don’t feel like stopping evil, I want to stay here and have fun.  And those are the people in charge of our country today.

I am old enough to have watched as Europe became more and more socialist. I watched  Great Britain (England) start out as a great nation, a colonial nation, and slowly become the weakened small nation it is today. It was good to give the colonies back to the natives, but in some cases they were not ready for self rule and in Africa many tribes have been at war with each other ever since. In the movie Obama’s 2016 a talk with President Obama’s brother gives the truth to that argument. He says his country was not ready and has had tribal warfare since that time.

I am grieved that more people in our country want a hand out rather than to give a hand. The Democratic Party was at one time headed by a man that understood and said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” That is not the party in power today, they are the party of ask what your country can do for you and do not care what it takes to give it. They do not understand that if an economy is allowed to grow the so called pie grows with it. Their feeling is there is one small pie and everyone should have a share, in that case the share grows smaller and smaller for everyone. The lowest common denominator is very small indeed.

I apologize for a polarized nation. We have banded into tribes. Tribes of women against everybody, tribes of Hispanics, tribes of the blacks, tribes of the Fundamentalist, tribes of the gay and lesbians, tribes of the Muslims, tribes of the Red, tribes of the Blue, tribes not a United States of America.

Dewey, Eliot, Jordan, Brooke, Jacob, Jackson, Karlie and for still unborn Michel Brendyn for all  of this and more, I apologize

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