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I get a lot of spambot comments on this.  I know some other WordPress sites do too.  I can’t imagine they could make money from my site and I wonder why they think I am into big brand name handbags.  I am not, so who have they confused me with, who do they think I am?  hmmmm…..

Now for the links.  I sent out links to an email list almost every day.  So far only a few in many years have complained.  Often I send them out and think, “well, I will blog about that later.”  Later seldom happens so today I’m starting with the links again as a blog.  Most have a comment added, some will have excerpts. Jim Little has been sending articles from this site, they are all very good. Maybe you will all want to check it out and bookmark it to check daily. In the meantime you can count on me (and Jim) to keep sending you links including some of these. Be sure to read this one: 

Chinese Investment in the U.S. Shatters Records while many are focused on Al Gore selling his little watched TV channel to Al Jazeera this is still ongoing. I found this link on Facebook, I had not heard of it before. some are creating their own solutions to the problem they see while others want to ban guns from legal owners. What do you think? I think we need some good media attention and I don’t know that will ever happen. We are swimming against the mainstream current as the elite see it. Ben Shapiro of Breitbart seems to be able to do that upstream swim, if you don’t want to watch the video there is a transcript.     Oh goodie, let’s get another of those banking buddies in here.

Treasury secretary nominee Jack Lew has spent most of his career in government, but during the financial crisis, he was embedded inside one of the country’s biggest banks as it nearly imploded.

From 2006 to 2008, he worked at Citigroup in two major roles, a notable line in his résumégiven that as Treasury secretary, he would be charged with implementing new rules regulating Wall Street.

But Lew did not have just any position at the bank.

In early 2008, he became a top executive in the Citigroup unit that housed many of the bank’s riskiest operations, including its hedge funds and private equity investments. Massive losses in that unit helped drive Citigroup into the arms of the federal government, which bailed out the bank with $45 billion in taxpayer money that year.

Enough, enough I can’t take it anymore!!!

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