Links and comments for a cold January day

Dropping the Hagel Bomb – Key paragraph on why Obama did it: “ He is a charter member of the Chicago angry black man entity, and they — including former pals Jeremiah Wright and Minister Farrakhan — have little love for the Jews. So, again, his contempt for Israel and for Jews is not a surprise.”

When is it Barack Obama’s turn to contribute his “Fair Share?”   a very good question.

Is Chicago’s Out-of-Control Murder Rate Connected to Its Sanctuary City Policies? Gangs, gangs, gangs! And we are ruled by a Chicago politician who is a member of the biggest Chicago gang of all – the Democratic Party.

Marketeers keep 80% of funds raised for state Police Athletic league – Someone please tell me which of the many solicitation calls for helping peace officers is the legitimate one.

14 Ways Obama Can Push Gun Control Without Congress – This is an interesting list of options, some of which I agree with and some of which I see some real constitutional issues pop up. One of the issues is a major one, on the reporting of mental health problems. While I think it necessary I also see it as a major invasion of privacy. Which do we honor?

DOJ to Release Secret EPA Emails – I’m sure I will find some bloggers going through these and reporting on them, I will report back on this.

Obama Czar Rattner: Colin Powell Feels Hostility From GOP Because He’s Black and Powell: GOP Looks Down On Minorities – I happened to have seen Colin Powell make these remarks and I wondered why he calls himself Republican. He seems to really like the attention a la’ Megan McCain.

In Cuba, Hugo Chavez get spiritual support from Jesus – Not Marx  Nearing death seems to concentrate some deep thinking.

Hugh Hewitt: The Milk Carton Republicans – I’ll end this post with this one.  It’s on the light side and Republicans have been called far worse.

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