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It’s Saturday night and I haven’t even read all the news or blogs but the ones I have read are so disturbing to me I hate to send them on.

Apparently Governor Cuomo of New York is running for president or the anti Christ and I am not sure which.  Reading the Anchoress tells me he is definitely going on an evil bent and chasing the big money those who favor abortions at any time, any place, any place are willing to give him.  How can the Catholic Church maintain credibility with the masses if they do not   excommunicate  those who stand for such anti Christian, anti humanitarian acts.  Abortion any time until actual birth means infanticide after the birth is not far behind. So, I couldn’t help myself, there is the first link of the day.

And then there is the Mali situation.  I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday morning when I saw someone from Politifact talking about how good they were and how many promises Obama has kept on C-span’s Washington Journal. I remember how hard they, and all the big media, claimed  Romney was lying about Jeep being outsourced to China and how very intemperate Romney was for even daring to bring up Mali.  Mali, when we all knew Obama killed Bin Laden. What difference did Mali make?  Why none what so ever.  Politifact is still standing by their Jeep story, read this weasel story on how right they really were. No kidding, really?  I don’t think so.  I’m giving them four upside down Pinnochios.

This story is one that just had to happen after gun owners homes were posted on a map of their area.  I wonder if there are any lawsuits in their future?

I’ve always known it was Bush Derangement syndrome that caused him to be blamed for so much trouble in New Orleans.  I also knew Kathleen Blanco was in over her head and that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was not too smart.  Well, it seems to have finally caught up with him. He’s been indicted, and high time too. Read the story here. Corrption charges, tsk, tsk. 

And did you  hear about this?  TSA, bored of seeing you naked, removing airport body scanners  I wonder how much we’ve spent on those things and the people to run them?  Good riddance.




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