The Empty Chair has been confirmed, the 3 AM call came and it didn’t answer

I don’t know what the news media is reporting on the hearing that are ongoing concerning Benghazi and the drone assassinations, but from what I hear the man in charge of the “free world” has a lot to answer to.

Leon Panetta says he didn’t hear from him after the initial briefing on Benghazi. He said ” do what you have to do” and left it at that. So apparently they did nothing. Then they blamed it all on a video. And the man who made the video is still in prison. Read the Powerline take here: On Their Own.

And then there is this: Obama Vetoed Action in Syria Favored by the Pentagon, the CIA, and the State Department. Now frankly, I am not sure about this, but if it turned out as well as Libya we are well out of it.  That is one interference we should have avoided. The same is true with Egypt. It’s like we are turning out the dictators for the new dictators who are even more repressive than ever. However, there was no altruism or any such thing involved, there was the re-election.

President Obama rejected the plan, however. The Washington Post’s editors, citing reporting by the New York Times, attribute the decision to Obama’s re-election campaign, during which he assured voters that “the tide of war is receding.” After the election, Petraeus resigned, Clinton became ill, and the plan was not revived.

Secular Egyptian Protesters Bash US Democrats in Tahrir: “Down With American Democratic Party, the Ally of Morsi” at least some of the Egyptians know the Muslim Brotherhood does NOT have their best interest at heart.

Transparency be damned. He’s nominated Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary.  Well, she is from Chicago, so I guess we can all trust her.

Obama Administration Shuts Down 100 Year Old Oyster Farm This Week  This is one my husband has been keeping his eyes on for a while. We don’t have oyster farms in Texas but we are very threatened by the EPA.

And in case some of you actually have working lives and don’t have time to listen to Rush and all the cable news shows. This was played repeatedly on Rush and some of those shows. It is a wonderful admonishment of Obama to his face, on Obamacare, “fair share,” etc.



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