Education in Texas is in jeopardy, It’s probably not just CSCOPE and its differently named equivalents

It is a whole system of symptoms that keep our children from getting a real education. We have seen a lot, at least on the right wing side of the world, on CSCOPE, Safari, Agenda 21, Common core and there are probably a dozen other names one could find that try to push a left wing agenda, moral equivalency point of view, and a different set of values on our children.

I received an email from Jim H. Little, from here in Rockport that really sums it up and does so in a message to elected officials saying exactly what a lot of us would like to say.  I asked and received permission to repost it here. It is addressed to Senators Cruz and Cronyn; State Sen. Hager and Rep. Todd Hunter along with many others on his mailing list.


Dear Senators and State Representatives,

Those with a Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, agenda have realized for years it’s all about the youth, our children! As you know with Common Core which is President’s Obama’s plan for the Federal Department of Education to take control of our schools’ curriculum.Texas Governor Perry refused it, so Texas stays in control.

To get what they want the Federal Government does end runs with,”No child left behind”or”Race to the top” grants.They don’t like to call it curriculum, but call it “instructional materials “as with CSCOPE’S unauthorized material, purchased with text book money, not authorized by Texas State Board of Education, 70%Texas school districts have it, School District Superintendents make the final decision to have it, or not……

At the last Seafair event in Rockport Texas, at our Aransas County Republican Party’s booth, we were passing out pocket US Constitutions. A young couple came up and we got into a discussion. The young lady, a college student, asked with sincerity, ”Socialism is good, isnt it? It helps everyone, doesn’t it? “I realized at that moment we are really lost as a nation if we don’t get these young people back.

Our mainstream media, entertainment, and education is inundated with far left propaganda….While CSCOPE remains a hot issue I would like to make a suggestion on how to save our youth in Texas schools. I have talked to, and listened to many teachers, school administrators. All express nothing but stress and frustration. Many are throwing their hands up.They say they are teaching their kids not to learn, but how to take the next test, and the next test, never ending pressure thrown at them.

I would like to know who is responsible for coming up with all of these TESTS that are overwhelming our schools system’s ability to teach. Is it the Texas State Board of Education, is it our State Senate and Representatives, is it a group of elitist sitting some where? Who is creating this mess, who?

When we were world leaders in education we where using and teaching basic foundational learning principles, critical thinking based on facts, along with traditional moral principles. Enough of the political correctness, social engineering, social justice, environmental extremism, subjective teaching, or constructivism or interpretation of the facts, now being taught in our schools. Instead asking does it feel good?, or how do you feel about it? It’s foundation is made of silly putty, to mold at whose ever whim, or interpretation….

Please change it, and if, the administrators, and teachers can’t comply, maybe the cafeteria could use some help!….First give the teachers the ability to teach, leave them alone, give them the security, consistency, and peace of mind that their tools are not going to be, re-organized, changed, trashed every two years. Give them stability. Let school be their home away from home, not a battle ground where nothing is certain! Help them, help our kid’s, help our local communities, help our State, and help our country. You guys write the bills, pass the laws……get with it, save our children…”As Texas goes so goes the Nation”.   

Thank you, Jim Little

You see why I wanted you to see this email?  It isn’t just about CSCOPE, it is not good, but it isn’t the whole story, there is a lot of background and changes that happened before it came on the scene.  Maybe it is a good thing it came up to focus us so strongly on the school system we are putting our kids through. Maybe we can fix it.

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One Response to Education in Texas is in jeopardy, It’s probably not just CSCOPE and its differently named equivalents

  1. ann kitay says:

    Kudos to Jim for a great, inclusive letter… Wish I could stay on point as well as he! This I will say…I raised my grandaughter…through 4 states..Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas…which is 5 states! Our small town in Georgia had the best school system of all followed by Tennessee. In both states, the small town schools she attended, each child was unique and so approached. The schools were operated for the children! In second grade, Ga., Jenni had to choose her favorite work by Monet..write why she liked it best and replicate it to the best of her ability! In that school as well as the one in Cleveland, Tn. the principals office was always open and you could talk to him about text or library books in his school. The point of this: Yes, I was grandma and so aged..however, I wanted to know her teacher,, the principal and be acquainted with what was going on within those walls. I could go on for pages…but it boils down to parents. I do believe it was Geo Bush who introduced no child left behind…could be wrong. Education cannot be legislated…and parents cannot just drop the kids off and not be concerned what is being put into little Johnny’s head… And we need to get the Federal Government out of local schools! Thanks, Ruth… this just really upsets me…all anyone has to do is really care and then act from that point!

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