Scandal overload – Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP phone records; and what else is out there?

I am extremely distressed at all of this.  What makes me the most distressed?  This morning I listened to the hearings on C-Span while the IRS dissembled, rambled, didn’t know, didn’t have the authority to answer and anything else they could bring themselves to answer except the truth.  And as I listened I was reading all the newspapers and blogs I could and still was thinking to myself, “he would be re-elected again tomorrow.”  I truly believe that, the same people who voted for him would show up en masse and do it again. It also makes me angry.

On the IRS, the Washington Post has an article with a graph showing the number of conservative groups denied 501c4 status versus those progressive ones which were granted that status, by year, from 2009 to the present.  This is appalling.  And apparently the Washington Post recognizes and admits that. Look at that graph and tell me they were not trying to suppress the votes and outreach of conservatives.  It is impossible to read it and think that was not the aim of it.

I have not heard or read a lot on it but it doesn’t take orders from the White House to tell union members and Democrats working in the IRS what needs to be done in these matters. I did run across a number of articles and blogs that connected these dots but as far as I know no major outlet has done a story on it. Look here, here and from the hearings today we have the NRCC asking that the Democrats return contributions from the IRS employee’s union.

Okay, enough on that one.  What Else is out there?  More of those terrible abortion clinics, (note there are some gruesome photos here) that’s what. Sure Gosnell was convicted.  But what about these others?  The news on them is being buried by political scandals.  This is more that just a stain on our moral values.  What it amounts to is genocide.  Many, many more black and Hispanic babies are aborted and we turn our eyes away from it.  What kind of nation are we?  To tell the truth I just don’t know anymore.

I am not going to go over Fast and Furious and Benghazi again.  I am just going to hunker down and hope the outfall doesn’t completely ruin our nation.  When Obama was re-elected I wrote a letter of apology to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, at this point there is even more of an apology needed for the country we are leaving to them.

UPDATE:  There is NO umbrella scandal, as Commander in Chief President Obama can order, or request, if you will, a Marine to hold an umbrella over the heads of whomever he chooses.  Pick your fights, people.


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