When will another shoe drop?

We have had so many scandals, I’m wondering how many shoes there are left to drop.  Have we had some leaked so we will forget about the last ones? Some of these are definitely from leaked information, others have just been out there to be discovered and reported upon.

It takes some thought to decide which is worse, the privacy violations or the IRS targeting individuals.  So after some thought I’ve made my choice, it is the IRS. And now the one in charge  during the targeting of conservatives, and I am not just talking 501c4 status, is going to be in charge of our healthcare.  Think about that.

The arrogance shown during the hearings, all of them, is astounding.  When did it happen that Congress became so much less of a three part government?  It obviously is because the executive branch chooses to ignore congressional calls for emails, papers and other evidence asked for by the different committees, as does the DOJ.  (here and here)

The last time I studied my constitution we had a three part government.  That is apparently not true in today’s world. Now we are ruled by fiat from the EPA. the DOJ, and healthcare via the IRS.  We have come to a pretty pass. Can we back out of this.  Not completely. I think we have taken a path downhill for the time being, or maybe a trip on the Titanic.  Whichever it is, it is going to be very hard to turn this ship of state around and get it going in the right direction.

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