Links and Comments for Wednesday, June 20th

Bureaucracy vs Democracy We are all aware of this problem and it is only going to get worse.

Glenn Beck in DC yesterday
I am listening and watching his show this morning, he was not treated kindly by the police there, no touching just bad words, I watched the online world yesterday and the truth is they were very wary and tried to stop the two gatherings.

A planned result of the NSA and administration – AP: Sources have stopped talking..notice this is from a French newssource about the US.

Are the Afghanis smarter that the US administration?

President makes ‘alarming call for end to Catholic education’...I cannot imagine why he would do something so dumb in a Catholic country, or anywhere else for that matter.

Why does the left just keeping digging deeper holes? What do I mean? Eric Holder: James Rosen probe ‘appropriate’; Jobless claims rise…; US to leave behind $7 BILLION in military equipment...; headlines via Drudge Report

Reduce immigration by 25%? Isn’t that a drop in the bucket? “Illegal immigration into the United States would decrease by only 25 percent under a far-reaching Senate immigration bill, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office that also finds the measure reduces federal deficits by billions.”

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