Cold War? Civil War? Are we in a cold war/civil war?

I am elderly, I lived through World War II, the Korean War, The Vietnam war, the Cold War and all the other conflicts since then. I believe we are in a Cold War, a Civil War with no bloodshed. A Civil War between the right and the left– or perhaps it should just be called a cultural war since it is between two ideals.

I believe the cultural war is between progressives, whom some consider communists, and those who want a free-er society. The Progressives want open borders, confiscation of wealth and redistribution, large government with many rules and regulations on all walks of life, an unarmed citizenry that cannot defend itself… etc. They are chasing a Utopian ideal that really is just massive government control in disguise — and that has never gone well — as we’ve seen throughout history.

The conservatives want safe and secure borders on north and south, smaller government, free markets with less rules and regulations (with public health and safety being secure), second amendment rights, and in general most conservatives want rights for the unborn child, with health of the mother also considered.

Nonetheless, we are a divided nation. We were divided before the election of 2000 but after that dispute we have become even more divided and the division is accelerating. Both sides, Democrat and Republican saw it as an attempt to steal an election. No matter which side won we would have remained extremely divided.

That election caused me, an independent, to side even more with the conservative point of view. I no longer trusted the Democrats. I saw them and the mainstream media immediately start to do what they could to see that George W. Bush became a one term president. To me it seemed that Sept. 11, 2001 was mainly considered by the Democrats as an issue that was going to bring President Bush glory for his immediate reaction to retaliate, and they (forces on the left, which includes most news and entertainment media) were going to do all they could to bring him down over it and the ensuing war. (I consider Iraq and Afghanistan as being a part of the same war.)

You probably will have noticed that until George W. Bush was out of office and since President Obama was in office, we have not had body counts of our Iraq or Afghan deaths and casualties. And we have not had homeless updates. Those were weekly occurrences in the news and blog world under the Bush administration. You can find them if you search through the archives of CNN, NBC, CBS news websites. The reporting of body counts stopped — even though the body counts themselves have not stopped.

Now that President Obama has been re-elected and numerous scandals have been brought to light we have some reporters and commentators of the liberal left finally finding some fault with him, but when they do it is usually reported in some way as Bush’s fault. It is very hard for them to admit they did not do any due diligence on the man they were actually promoting. But the truth was all of these scandals started and should have been brought out before the 2012 election. (for a month by month chart on the president’s approval rating you can check here.)

As for the rest of us out here, the bloggers and their commenters — well, we have become more divided, too. We have always had the left blog sites and the conservative blog sites. It the comments that show the deepest divides.

I am biased, but I have noticed that the left wing comments are more vitriolic and contain many more curses and scatological terms. Some liberal reporters and columnists who have dared report anything negative on our current president have found what the right wing has known all along — you risk being called all sorts of names and demonizations (racist, ignorant, narrow minded) if you report what is the truth about President Obama. Some comments have even called down drones and death on many conservatives and also on reporters of all persuasions who tell the truth about President Obama. It isn’t even necessary for me to say it, but I will, everyone who opposes the current administration is considered a racist, and often called that, by most of those on the left. Racist is probably the mildest term some of them use. Lately we have found you can also be monitored by the NSA and the IRS if you are a reporter who has written something the President does not want known.

What convinced me we are in a Civil War/Cold War, and perhaps it should be said a Cultural War? It is that the Tea Party conservatives are considered (and listed by Homeland Security) as terrorists and are under close scrutiny by the IRS and NSA. Those are Cold War tactics. The conservatives and those of the Tea Parties have never shown any form of violence, while the Occupy Wall Street group were lauded by the press and some politicians, even though some of them committed rapes and other vile acts caught on photos and videos. The terror of conservatives is in the heart of the liberals who are afraid we are right and will eventually win the Cold War.

The USA/Soviet Cold War was won by causing the Soviets to spend themselves into bankruptcy. The USA is spending itself into bankruptcy but the kicker in that is that both sides are part of the same nation. Somehow we have to stop that madness, turn the ship of state around or both sides will lose this Cold War.

NOTE: I thought my branding of our problems as a Cold War was original to me. After I sent out the first draft of this to my family editors a friend sent me this link. It was a pre re-election article by a Navy Seal. I’m sorry I didn’t see it earlier but it certainly gave me validation for my thoughts.

Former Navy Seal, Cold CivilWar but for How Long?

UPDATE: here is a very recent example of scurrilous comments written since I posted this. A scandal with a word Paula Deen used long ago has erupted, this young black woman dared to say a kind word for her and was hit with some very ugly tweets back.

Post re-election article links, some from this blog: says American people at fault, not Obama.

The Washington Post Fact Checker finally gets it right

IRS officials in Washington were involved in targeting of conservative groups  remember how many “homeless” stories ran on TV and in the newspapers when Reagan and Bush were presidents? Well, seems there are more now and this is the first we hear of it.

Be sure to read the comments after this piece. 

Divide and Conquer, has it already happened? Victor Davis Hanson on the case?

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