Too much going on for us to comprehend it all

I didn’t realize it had been over a month since I posted on this blog.  There has been much I could have commented on.  To tell the truth I have been commenting and linking on a daily basis, just not here.  I have an email list of over 50 people to whom I send links and comments.

I often ponder about what to write when I am not at the computer, but by the time I get to the computer the thoughts have left or new ideas have taken their place. There is just so much going on my mind has been preoccupied with it all.

What has happened to our country when nearly half of potential voters still think Obama is doing a good job?  Have they seen the headlines? Have they noticed how Egypt is burning? Have they noticed the Christians being tortured and killed?  Have they just stuck their heads in the sand on the NSA scandals, the IRS scandals, the new Clinton bashing? What’s up with that, by the way.  Getting it out before the election?

One plus is that it seems even some of the Democrats really don’t want Obamacare. Have you seen the headlines of the unions who don’t want it?  The headlines telling us the Congress and their staffs don’t want it, and what’s more don’t have to have it?

I swing between depression; distraction; discouragement don’t care, nothing I can do about it; and  follow all that with we must keep fighting, we must get past this, our future depends on it, etc.  But with that thought Sarah Hoyt in her According to Hoyt blog says all that for me in her post titled I Am Spartacus. Go read it, she says it all, and so much better than I can or could. 



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