Race Questions in America + Obama’s Foreign Policy

I have tried to stay away from racist rants, or even link to something I felt was racist, but we have come to a pretty pass when something like this shows up on American Thinker.  By ignoring the issue are we doing what Mexico did in letting the drug cartels take over?  We know this is an underclass problem and in places where blacks are not the predominant underclass race is not the issue.  It is an underclass, uneducated, victim claiming class.  The underclass in America has been given more leeway and authority by a racist, socialist president and his DOJ buddy, Eric Holder.

And on the other side of the coin, here is a rare post by one of my favorite bloggers, a black woman, Juliette Ochieng, who calls herself Baldilocks, a Christian, Conservative Black Woman.  My nephews.  Here is only a part of her point:

  • All are high school graduates.

  • Three are attending two-year colleges, two attend a four-year university, one attends a technical college, and two are four-year university graduates.

  • All are literate, well-mannered and well-spoken They don’t even speak patois to their friends.

  • None have criminal or misdemeanor records.

  • All are prompt and know how to dress for employment. None have adopted the saggy-pants style.

  • Only one has a child and he is in his mid-twenties.

This is a very powerful and insightful essay, READ IT ALL.

Obama’s foreign policy is called Obama’s Petty Strategy by Scott Johnson in Powerline blog.  Elliott Abrams calls it The Citizen of the World Presidency in Commentary Magazine.

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