Decadence, is it the new name for America?

If you know about the performance of Miley Cyrus you would certainly think so. That was definitely decadence and had nothing to do with real dance or real music, just a showing out of a young woman who has lost her way.  Also a showing out of a broadcast medium that has been doing this and heading this way for all of its electronic lifetime.  One over the top performance after the other, and getting as much publicity possible for it.  Victor Davis Hanson has an essay out, The American Satyricon  in which he says 

 The Satyricon is an often-cruel parody about how the Roman agrarian republic of old had degenerated into a wealth-obsessed, empty society of wannabe new elites, flush with money, and both obsessed with and bored with sex. Most of the Satyricon is lost. But in its longest surviving chapter — “Dinner with Trimalchio” — Petronius might as well have been describing our own 21st-century nomenklatura.

Rather than copy his entire essay here I advise you to click on over to it and read it in the original.  He always has the right words to explain how I feel.

But I wonder, why was there not someone who watched this from the beginning who would step in and say, “No, you can’t do that.” Someone who would say, “Why do you think exposing yourself as an immature person who cannot really dance and who cannot really sing is going to do you any favors?”  Where was the person who should have put the brakes on this from the TV production angle? Do they think we are really that dumb and immature? And what do they think of our children to think they are just to be exploited by their sex games?  I don’t like it and I am hoping this will be the place where someone in charge steps up and says, “ENOUGH!”

In other new confirming our downward spiral:

Obama Flag Resurfaces at March on Washington 

Time magazine thinks we are such wimps that we cannot take the real news.  Apparently they don’t know some of us get it anyway.  Or maybe they just don’t want us to know Obama is such a loser for the USA.


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