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The Female Holocaust this showed up on Facebook this morning via Susan Guggenheim. Why do we not hear the feminist voice shouting this to the rooftops? Why do we have a woman who is running on a pro abortion platform here in Texas?

And what in the world is going on in Boston? On 9/11 they had Boston airport apologizes for 9/11 training drill – and now we find out about this? Pledge of Allegiance skipped, Muslim poem read at Boston school on 9/11 Come on Boston, you claim so much history, why don’t you rejoin the USA?

‘Many Afghan civilians’ killed in attack targeting US ConsulateConsulate I saw this on breaking news last night but have not seen anything about it or heard it on the TV today.

Lois Lerner specifically targeted tea parties Gee, I just had a liberal tell me she turned down more liberal groups. Maybe she did because they were definitely not qualified for 501c4, but she targeted conservative groups and many still do not have their paperwork completed one way or another.

Dana Milbank hands Putin his hat in this laugh out loud hit piece, read it, I know you need a laugh by now. The American people’s reply to Putin

Obama doesn’t get to say he is tired of war this one is NOT funny.

You’ve probably heard something about this, if not here is the story Investigators probe Jeffrey E. Thompson’s possible role in Clinton’s 2008 campaign

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