It’s been a month since the last post but most of the talk since that time has been on Obamacare, in one way or the other.

Apparently the shutdown was a very well orchestrated way to keep the focus off the actual facts of the opening of the Obamacare website and program.  It certainly worked to keep the Republicans unpopular but there is still no end in site of the “computer glitch” that is Obamacare or as the Democrats put it, the Affordable Care Act that in fact is an unaffordable care act for those who are actually producing in our society.  They are being “taxed” in high rates and lower value so those who think they are getting it free can be in the system, when most of them were in it in the first place.

Here are some links on the situation today, twenty one days after the spectacular rollout. There are many, many more but this will get you started.

Obamacare: A broken website is doing more damage than the Republicans   

I don’t ususally like numbered lists, but this one is very informative – Top Five ObamaCare Catastrophes the Media Refuse to Cover

Sebelius Admits She Needed Four Year Delay – this more or less proves the Democrats orchestrated the shutdown for political purposes, knowing full well it needed to be delayed or changed.

There are still some other issues going on, so here are links to those. More proof of voter fraud in the last election-  I think this man should be banned from holding office.

And along those same lines – Could name Changes Cause Voter ID Issues? Election Officials Say No

Be afraid, be very afraid – Shocking admission on Army preparedness: No training the last 6 months

And, he said, there currently are only two Army brigades rated combat-ready. That’s a total of between 7,000 to 10,000 troops and less than one-third what the combat veteran regards as necessary for proper national security.

No surprise here Obama’s fingerprints all over IRS Tea Party scandal

we detail a long-running assault on the Tea Party, beginning shortly after its emergence in 2009, that is empowered, encouraged, and orchestrated not only by senior IRS officials in Washington, but also through outright targeting by the White House, Congressional Democrats, and the mainstream media.

I watched this morning on MSNBC as a young woman who apparently has a program on that channel described why she does what she does.  She said that on every birthday card or letter she received from her Dad had as a closing that instead of saying Love or love you, would say “The Struggle Continues.”  At the time I thought, what a horrible legacy, a feeling of being aggrieved, of being a victim.  So later this morning I ran into this blog post from Bookworm Room on a Thomas Sowell articleYoung Blacks, Hispanics Need To Heed Lessons Of Success.”  Bookworm titled her post Thomas Sowell on the fact that black and Hispanic leaders betray young people by preaching hopelessness. Clearly that young activists on MSNBC has done well in life but still thinks the struggle continues.

Again Richard Fernandez in Belmont club explains a lot – Nobody But Us  yes, some Republicans shot us all in the foot – again.






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