We are in A Brave New World and Animal Farm, it must still be 1984

Our country is so PC conscious, so split and divided that each side looks on the other with total disdain and in some cases hatred. Many are afraid of the “right wing” and think if they were in charge there would be total control, spying by the NSA, spying by the IRS, the CIA and thought control.

Well guess what?  That is what we have now. The problem is Americans aren’t really going to sit still for total control. (I hope.)  Here are the headlines to to show why I say this.

Climate change believers are trying to silence the messengers of even those in the middle.

This writer in an article from USA Today thinks we may have started fighting back against government intervention because the administration has backed off on the license plate tracking scheme and the FCC monitoring radio and other media. I wonder if those two weren’t just trial balloons to see how far they can go. (the writer is Glenn Harlan Reynolds aka Instapundit)  Then there is this about that: What was the FCC newsroom ‘survey’ really about?

Climate predictors should be embarrassed about this: Farmers’ Almanac More Reliable Than Warming Climate Models

Iowa voter fraud investigation concludes; 80 additional cases referred to prosecutors when they say there is no voter fraud quote this. It is only one example. I know there have always been examples of voter fraud, but they seem to be getting worse and the Democrats seem to think there is none.

Mr. X from NYC tells us this: There are times in history when a strange herd mentality takes over a population. It can come from both the Left and the Right and it never leads to anything good. Over the last decade and especially since the election of President Obama, there is a growing wave of anger towards anyone who doesn’t conform completely to the Left’s progressive (formerly liberal) agenda. It is not unlike the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s when millions of young students rampaged through China, lofting their little red books in the air. It’s a mindset that must destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with it.



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