Links and comments May 6, 2014

CBS’ David Rhodes on 9/12: Benghazi ‘Not Just a Spontaneous Mob Reaction’ to a Film  Apparently even though the Rhodes brothers are supposed to be well versed in the use of videos, they forgot about this one.  Uh oh!

I think Ann Althouse in on to something in this post.  She thinks the new Democratic strategy will be to declare Benghazi is a kooky conspiracy theory.

Their arrogance is even worse than their policies Podesta: Congress Can’t Stop Obama On Global Warming

China is prepared if the N Korea regime collapses.  And they should be.

 Longoria, Muñoz launch Latino Victory PAC  This is definitely an attempt to turn Texas blue.

I agree with the judge in this case.  He set free the man who spent 13 years becoming a productive member of society because no one bothered to actually send him to prison after his trial.  What do you think?  Read the comments.

 Liberals: Exempt from Scrutiny


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