A Tribute to my Mother, first published May 9, 2010

This is part of a tribute I wrote in June 2000 in a “Words to the Wise” newsletter. I wrote and published for descendants of Johann Adam Wise who landed in Philidelphia in 1748.
My mother had seven children and treated them all as if they were her favorite. All her grandchildren were loved in the same way. She died March 30, 2000. Here is part of what I wrote.

She kept teaching us to the end with some wonderful glimpses of what was going on and would say things like “God is with me”, “God is supplying my thirst” and even when I asked her if she were cold she replied, “why, am I shaking?” and when I said yes, she said “God is giving me creation again”. I wish she could have explained that, but she was tired and wanted to rest. All the family was here and we spent every hour with her but when she wanted quiet she would call for it or say “Let’s rest now” like she did when she wanted us to take our naps after reading to us when we were young. She was a wonderful person, an exemplary mother, and even though we are in our twilight years we will miss her.”

Mother just kept giving and giving. Even in her dying, blessings were bestowed on all of us who attended her. Daughters, sons, granddaughters and grandsons, all felt privileged to attend to her in the hospital. She was so sweet and loving. Not many people get to experience a death of a loved one in such a manner, she taught us so much in life and ended it by teaching us how to die.

Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren still love and miss her.

Update:  earlier this year, 2014, my siblings and I got on a roll while we were on facebook and counted up all her descendants.  If memory serves counting children, grand children, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren the count was 92.

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