Memorial Day May 26, 2014 Links and Comments

Maybe we all need to get in touch with the History Channel, they seem to be revising a little (a lot?) bit of history. Speaking Truth to History Channel

Americans no long live in a Scientific Society.  Real science is based on facts, and settled science is based on reproducible results and provable facts.  It is extremely hard to get every parameter into a computer modeling program.

The Power and Limits of Indoctrination  if you don’t understand why so many conservatives are against Common Core this should explain it. The original article Open Brain, Insert Ideology, here.  Notice this is by Cass Sunstein who has a very far left ideology.

Rude Awakening for Woman who got shout out from President- she can’t afford Obamacare after all – she thought she was getting a goody, turns out she is just like everyone else, screwed.  (pardon my terminology, sometimes it is just hard to be a lady.)

Murder and Media in a world where we want everyone to be “safe” it is not hard to propagandize murder, especially when guns are involved.  Never mind that in this case the kid also killed with knives.

The Twisted World of Elliot Rodger Jack Cashill in American Thinker writes of the sickness of our society that allows a person to have these ideas of what is real. That is what I have been thinking.  He lived in LA, the lifestyle portrayed in LA and the movies produced is of, above all, sexual gratification, instant hookups and a life that is fulfilled through the acquisition of things, women being included as things. As we who live in the real world know there is so much more to it than that. This kid didn’t, he had no way of knowing, no one to lead him and he really went off the rails.  So, others paid the price for his life of luxury and illusions.


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