Links and Comments May 29, 2014

This makes a lot of sense to me  Why Republicans Can’t Beat Obama  “To understand why the Republicans can’t beat President Obama, you must first recognize the three kinds of people that inhabit contemporary American politics – crusaders, gangsters, and groupies.”  Realize he is speaking of those in the Republican and tea party who manage to defeat themselves every time.

ISTOOK: Obama’s sleight of hand hides hidden government’s work  how bureaucracy rules our world.  “While an army of reporters flocks to the White House Press Room to hear Jay Carney’s insults and misdirections, an army of bureaucrats are doing the real work of Barack Obama’s presidency, laboring in obscurity.”

Cantor Campaigning As Anti-Amnesty Champion  we need more people brave enough to speak out on this.

VA inspector general confirms Texas probes  Investigations are one thing, getting something done about it is the main thing.

Egypt: El-Sissi wins election by landslide  what can we say other than, “at least he isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood, and the military ousted MB.”

The Abbott-Davis debate in Dallas is scheduled for Sept. 30,

Power shift in Texas election to benefit anti-toll cause  I’m expecting more benefits than this.

The scandals just keep coming – I don’t think there is a pony under all this manure.

The president is in deep, deep trouble, Thomas Lifson thinks the news media is on to him, but I am not sure of that. A compilation of major news media criticizing him, maybe they do finally realize what a cruel joke they have encouraged as president.


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