Links and Comments June 10, 2014

Tony Abbott (Australia) seeks alliance to thwart President Obama on climate change policy 

Court sends immigrants’ adult children to back of the line

The EPA is trying for another land grab, watch this video Ditch the Rule.

This is what happens when you surrender a war you are winning, pray for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Insurgents seize Iraqi city of Mosul as troops flee

The backtracking begins: Hillary hustles to halt fallout from ‘dead broke’ controversy

Congress NOT among the top 90 who learned about the Bergdahl exchange before it happened.  Same story from Yahoo .

“It strikes me as unfortunate that they could have 80 to 90 people in the administration aware of what was happening and not be able to trust a single Republican or Democrat in the House or the Senate,” Representative Greg Walden of Oregon, a member of the House of Representatives Republican leadership, told reporters after leaving a briefing on the exchange.

Joe Bastardi on Arctic Ice, cycles, not global warming. it’s long, you’ll  have to stick with it you really need to see the ending.

Richard Fernandez again on the Democrats (and the medias) realization that maybe they have been used.

Back at the end of 2013 Alan Dershowitz said something pathetically obvious. “Alan Dershowitz, who has made much of his friendship and fireside chats with former Harvard Law School colleague U.S. President Barack Obama, said he now doubts his friend’s promise to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.”

Any damn fool could have said the same. What is truly amazing is why it took a smart man like Dershowitz so long to figure it out. He is a textbook example of the sort of person I described visiting a hypothetical Dinosaur Island whose preconception of the T-rex’s gentle nature trumps his common sense.  He stands on the beach watching destruction approach and can’t quite accept the monster is going to eat him even when its mouth is agape.  The T-rex was gentle because … look it says so right here in the book.

I know I could find a lot more to post, but I also know most of you don’t have time to read all of this, so look for it tomorrow.




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