Links and comments – June 14, 2014

This is why they come, they have been told they have permission. More: Obama’s Children’s Crusade 

How ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi became the world’s most powerful jihadist leader  a few days late with this story.

what Chris Como said on CNNWe couldn’t help her any more than we have. She’s got just a free ride so far from the media…we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it better happen.”

We all need to remember this.  Think about what she says and pass it on.  Americans aren’t better than everyone else, but our ideals are.

Is it possible Obama is hoping to goad the GOP into impeaching him?  My opinion on that is, “why do it now when he has given us so much to use over the last 5 years?  He has impeached himself, we just have to put up with it for another year and a half.”

Catherine Herridge at Fox News is a good reporter.  A targeting memo sent to the State Department by the Defense Department’s Africa Command two days after the Benghazi attack listed 11 suspects with ties to Al Qaeda and other groups, counter-terrorism and congressional sources confirmed to Fox News.

If the IRS can’t find the emails, maybe a special prosecutor can.  Says Ron Fournier in National Journal. via Ann Althouse.

These are distressing times, I wish I had some good news to post.









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