Links and Comments on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014

I need to track this video to authenticate the source but it is chilling: and does show up as an organized invasion.   But  this video from a year ago shows that it has been going on longer than we thoughtthis one is from Aug 2013 showing a  derailed train that was full of illegal immigrants.

Richard Fernandez on the folly of appeasement.

Obama To America: Screw You

Rebels fast strike in Iraq was years in the making

Those missing Lois Lerner emails at the IRS—and they really expect us to believe this.  They are apparently computer illiterate (see the Obamacare rollout) and think we are too.

Who and where were Bowe Bergdahl’s captors? And why? interesting….

America-The Headless Horseman READ THIS ONE!!!!

Sarah Hoyt writing what I think and believe to be true (except for the personal parts).  Assume the Crash Position  Read it and you will know how I feel about what is going on in the world  right now.

This is at least humorous  Silver Linings  see I told you there was a pony in there somewhere.



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