Links and Comments, June 17, 2014

After huddling with White House chief of staff, McCain feeling reassured about Iraq  it doesn’t take much from the White House to reassure John McCain.

Breitbart is tooting its own horn here, but they should be. New York Times: Breitbart News Caught What Bubbled DC Media Missed  We all know the media that calls itself mainstream, is not attuned to the conservatives.

We watched this last night with our jaws dropping.  Has O’Reilly finally stopped defending the President? O’Reilly: ‘Enormous Dereliction of Duty’ if Obama Fails to Bomb Iraq oh right, he said IF.

From Victor Davis HansonThe New Children’s Crusade Hanson knows his history and his politics.  Using children never ends well for the children.

Fighting back: Residents force feds to scrap plan to house illegals at Va. college

“Sometimes stuff just happens”  what Lois Lerner said about her IRS emails.  Stuff? unh huh.

Obama’s foreign policy of retreat  not something we haven’t all seen and commented on.

Conducting U.S. airstrikes in Iraq would be complicated, former military officers say  I  have seen others on TV saying it is what we should do.

A Tale of Two Scandals  – I hope you will be able to open this Wall Street Journal post by Peggy Noonan.

US Captures Benghazi Suspect in Secret Raid  now?  why now?  Slow to act or a need to change the subject.

From Sharyl Attkisson’s blog, IRS Commissioner Subpoenaed to Testify About Lost Lois Lerner Emails  thank God she has the internet to get the news out because there is also this.
CBS Picks Up Daughter of Obama Donors After Dropping Sharyl Attkisson  It makes me wonder if the FEC is totally blind to the political activities of the mainstream media.

A history lesson in the origins of the countries of the the Middle East.  I need to learn more of this history.


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