Links and Comments, June 19, 2014

UPDATE:  An explanation of that new world order speech video, it was edited to change its meaning.

I ran across a new channel on Dish Network last night — Newsmax was on channel 223, then saw then in a Rasmussen ad this morning  You can watch Newsmax right now on DIRECTV Ch. 349 or DISH Ch. 223.

This shows the wind is blowing against the many children who are coming across the borders, Hillary is again it.

Republicans, at least in theory, are better off than liberals. Republicans generally don’t manage to lose by repeating the same old mistakes. Instead, Republicans manage to find new, unique and very creative ways to lose. quote from Judson Phillips in the Washington Times.

Obama’s IRS Sent the FBI 1.1 Million Pages of Taxpayer Documents: An Update someone needs a time out – in prison.  A lot of someones I suspect.

Supreme Court Gives Taxpayers More Power To Fight The IRS  I’m guessing they realized the IRS needs to be taught a big lesson.

Bill Whittle’s video on a traitor. Via Bookworm Room who says it is Whittle’s most important video.  I agree.

Abstinence – environmentally friendly birth control – an angle I had not thought of.

Unbelievable! The feds were advertising for“escorts for unaccompanied alien children” in JANUARY. from Facebook

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