Links and comments, June 20, 2014

Did Obama finally get the message? Obama tells Mexico: Illegal-immigrant children won’t get to stay Tells Peña Nieto their countries must work to halt child surge  This was put up on their website last night.  This morning I find this – Poll: Obama sinks on immigration so yes, I guess he got the message. Now let us see if he really does something about it.

You cannot beat the insights of Richard Fernandez, well Victor Davis Hanson and he are equals at this, but as discouraging as this post is, it is also eerily true.  Private Worlds.

At last the WMD’s have been admitted to have been found – by the ISIS Jihadists.

The VA chose solar panels and windmills over worrying about the veterans.

A Mass grave of migrants was found in Falfurrias. This is shameful. A funeral home was paid $450 per person to bury them but not like this. Maybe this needs to run in Central American Newspapers. Crass, yes, but the human tide coming this way is not good for anyone, particularly those who come, or try to come here.

Of the Bureaucrats, by the Bureaucrats, for the Bureaucrats

Because I read the blogs of at least 3 Wisconsin lawyers every day I knew this to be a political hit job as soon as I saw it. Media Malpractice – Report false criminal accusations against Walker, but not contrary judicial rulings

And then there is this: Grenell: New York Times Lied About John Bolton In Piece Defending Obama

Unlawful Migration – we will probably hear this term more and more often.

I was very involved in an adult literacy program when I lived in Lafayette, LA.  We found that most of our students (they had to be over 18) had dropped out of school at the 10th grade level when they could legally do so.  Most read at a 3rd grade level or under.  None had ever been introduced to phonics when learning to read. We used the Laubach Way to Reading, a very strong phonics based program.  (Since the advent of computers they are now also using them, as males are more apt to attend a class if they can say they are taking computer courses.) I understand there are some people who cannot learn to read even with phonics, but sight reading is really, really not the way to go.  If a child doesn’t learn to read phrases and sentences by grade 3 they will forever be left behind in classes. From what I observed a great many people seem to be getting advanced degrees using our children as guinea pigs when the best way to learn to read was found many years ago.  We had some cases of success with phonics and some with spectacular success with phonics. We also had a few people who never caught on and because of age apparently did not hear the sounds in the way many do. This is all leading up to this article:  Reading, The Con Continues.  Thanks to my daughter for posting this on Facebook so I would see it.




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