Links and comments, June 24, 2014

Walmart is striking back and Fact Checking some bad New York Times reporting.  I think you will enjoy this.  I haven’t done the math and fact checked it myself, just taking their word for it.

I’ve got to stop reading this stuff – Another Uh Oh on settled science, this time it is the Big Bang Theory, the science not the show.

How Did an IRS Official Know with Certainty that the Obama Campaign Would Continue One of Its Attacks?

Homegrown jihadists arrested in Texas.  It isn’t necessarily Jihadist but things are bad for homeowners on the border. Texas Ranchers Under Attack

Good news gone bad, Sudan re-arrests Christian woman one day after release from death row and all of the family, 40 security agents!

A big Obamacare FAIL Obamacare Exchanges Are ‘Disappointing’ With Fewer Than 4 Million Newly Insured. The Government Hoped for 26 Million.

This is not good. Medicaid wrongly paid out more than $14 billion last year to managed care organizations, often for treatments or services that were not necessary, never performed or weren’t eligible for coverage. That’s according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.  For comparison, $14 billion is the cost of the new airport planned for Beijing, China. It’s also how much the U.S. government has spent training Iraq’s military since 2003.

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