Links and comments, July 10, 2014

 Children Not only ones flooding the border Ruben Navarette may be surprised at this, but I am not. Creating confusion is an obvious strategy in this chaos.

The governent speaks with forked tongue some churches are asked to house and protect “the children”  others are asked NOT to come, donate or participate

Sen. Thad Cochran’s campaign manager, Kirk Sims, has been replaced by his state director Brad Davis, according to a GOP source close to the campaign.  A day late and a dollar short, something really smells and they are admitting it.  Are they also destroying evidence of voter fraud?

Solar-panel maker shuts down -Dozens out of work as Toledo’s Xunlight abruptly closes doors  another green energy supported by your taxes bites the dust.

Richard Fernandez has titled this piece Joyride, but it should be called Obama as Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  He explains the fable and then says this: This metaphor explains the president’s difficulties concisely. Habituated to demanding things — or starting things — in his previous life as a campaigner, activist and ‘community organizer’, he has no clue about how to deliver. Someone else always did the delivering.  Obama had no experience finishing things; of staying on top of a developing situation and bending it to timelines. He was always conjuring stuff and leaving others to clean up after him.  He’s on a joyride through history, thinking he’s going somewhere but really running in circles on a speed thrill.

How many peer reviewed rings are there?  I would bet there are more than this one. 60 papers were recalled with this one disclosure.We know the climate change group has made sure they are peer reviewed by like minded people, as far as I know, though, all of them are at least real people.

Have we been missing someone in the “who to blame game”  –Read it answer the questions in your mind.  via Ace of Spades

How crass can the president get? This crass:Sending pink slips to a war zone  this just boggles my mind.  via Gateway Pundit

I think we who are old already know that not everyone came through Ellis Island, and not everyone that got there was admitted to America. The current generation and maybe others seem to think it was an open door, it wasn’t.  The sick and unable to take care of themselves, children under 12, in other words those who could cause an epidemic or be a drag on the system were not allowed.   From National Review today: Ellis Island did not accept unaccompanied children under 12.

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