Links and comments, July 15, 2014

On Global Warming, Follow the Money and goodness knows there has been plenty spent on it.

Neocon asks this question – Do you wonder whatever happened to this bill?  I wonder how many anchor babies have been born since theses bills were introduced?

ALL education, higher and lower, has too many administrators. New Analysis Shows Problematic Boom In Higher Ed Administrators

The Odd Book One Texas Rancher Found Near the Border  you can learn to speak Urdu from this little booklet, well, a little anyway.

The Government Is Using Subliminal Songs To Scare Immigrants  I would not consider this to be subliminal, it is meant to deter, but I wonder if the young boys don’t think of it as an exciting adventure and they will conquer the Beast.

Somehow I missed this news, did you?  Things I thought I’d never see: Egyptians supporting Israel against Hamas

Just looking at the Drudge Report this morning I find so many headlines that I have “snarky” answers to without bothering to read them. Among them these:“Group At Center Of IRS Scandal Has Never Been Interviewed By FBI Investigators”;  “People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity”“INTEL REPORT: 95% of Migrants Expect to Receive ‘Permisos’ to Stay in USA…”“HARRY REID: Judge Judy Would Throw Out Boehner’s Lawsuit In ‘Half A Second’”

Less than 3 percent of the U.S. population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday in the first large-scale government survey measuring Americans’ sexual orientation.  No surprise to us, but to some of the media, or maybe all of the media, it is.

I don’t care what else Dana Milbank has to say in this article, but I found this first paragraph so funny I had to share it with you. President Obama has described his foreign-policy doctrine as an attempt to hit singles, doubles and the occasional home run. But at this stage of the game, it looks as though he has popped out, grounded into a double play and been hit by a pitch.

These are not children, these are grown men.  (a short video)

First planeload of deportations, I think we can think Jeh Jackson for this at least token.  It should send a message, this is not from a US paper.  Did any of them carry this?

This land is our land…. or at least it used to be. Lawmakers Throw Light on Secretive ‘Operation Choke Point’

This headline with my instant rebuttal is from Instapundit,Border Tsunami: Has GOP Forgotten How to Play Offense?  My question – when did the GOP ever know how to play offense?

On this day in 1931 my parents were married.  They now have 92 descendants, four of whom are deceased, and one more great, great grandchild expected in December.

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