An Over abundance of Crises; Crises around the world; is it our fault?

On February 25th I wrote a post  titled  If we are weak who is going to protect the world?  I am afraid we are finding the answer to that question.  Of course, in each particular case it is not something we have overtly done that is responsible.  What we have done is a passive omission of strength not shown.  It is what we have not done. We have not stood strong and able, we have not given a moral stance to our positions, in fact in this administration everything is relative or if not relative it is our fault and for which we should apologize.

In that post I said

I hear many people say, and read what many people write, “why is it our job to protect the world?”  Well, here is my answer on that.  “Look at history.  See what happens when the USA is weak, wishy washy, run by appeasers, and isolationist.”  WWI and WWII come to mind.


I am not a national figure, I have no stature in political circles, but I have lived a long time and I see the world through eyes that were young during Pearl Harbor, but I remember it well and I remember history beyond then and up until today.  I have always loved history and know very well the old saying “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  It is my sincere hope and wish that the USA does not allow a global war to happen because we followed a man known as Barack Hussein Obama over the cliff.

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