Late evening links and comments, July 17, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson and one of his excellent columns. The Turbulent Summer of 2014.

Exclusive documents detail heinous crimes committed by ms13 gang members being housed in Nogales

Looking for a place where Obamacare doesn’t exist? Try moving to the U.S. Territories, where the Obama administration just provided a pretty big waiver from the law’s major coverage provisions.

The end of Animal House  read it all, it is excellent

If Leading from Behind is working it’s not obvious.

The president has spent the last few weeks laughing at everything.  But now he is faced with something possibly new and disturbing; something which a speech or an executive order won’t handle. He must tread very carefully. Above all he must remember that foreign policy is not something he conducts out of the golf course.  Richard Fernandez

One of the important people. Eric Holder’s wife who is a practicing OBGYN does not take Medicaid patients.  Surprised?  I didn’t think so.

We’ve been hacked, at least in our thinking Using the Word Baptist in the Government organization title doesn’t make it a church.   An ACORN affiliate, maybe?  Read this article and you will be breathing fire along with me.  Faith based my Aunt Fanny!!!


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