Links and Comments, July 28, 2014

The Egyptians are destroying tunnels, too.  From Gaza.

I received this twitter link from a friend yesterday:  7/27/14, 3:35 AM  Yesterday in a house in Gaza, the Maglan special forces unit found explosives two steps away from a baby’s bed.

According to a CNN poll Americans by a majority wish they had voted for Romney  If you click the CNN link in this article it goes to a pdf to download.

 Liberal Politicians Spend a Week Living on Minimum Wage  if you look at the photo they provide you will be able, just like I can, to tell them a better way to spend their money to make more food for less.  They could buy at least of couple of loaves of equal quality bread if they didn’t choose Pepperidge farm brand,  A bag of dried beans is very cheap, canned beans are cheap but don’t go as far as a pound of beans, and as for the boil in the bag rice, uncooked rice is extremely cheap.  And don’t even get me started on the Ragu and Ramen noodles.  They seem to not have a clue.

This is what happens when cultures come into your country and do not assimilate. More Brits signing up to join ISIS than the UK Army Reserve.  Amnesty for illegals?  Any more questions?

This is a weapon we can all get behind— way behind.  The Skunk.

“Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.”  From the Washington Post here they are.  Obama’s foreign policy reveals the effects of disengagement

Afghanistan may have lost track of more than 200,000 weapons  and so have we.

Scammers have been preying on the relatives of unaccompanied young migrants being held at two U.S. military bases by conning them into paying nonexistent fees to be reunited with their loved ones, officials said.  They should have seen this coming.  This is all about cartels making money in the first place.

In case you thought the Oklahoma City bombing was very old news—read this, it’s back.

Halbig and Hammurabi a reasonable approach to the ruling.

Group of Illegal Aliens from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka Caught Entering Texas from Mexico  I would like to know what countries they are NOT coming from.

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