Links and Comments, August 2, 2014

A brief history of mental illness.  His mental illness is liberalism. I think you will enjoy this.

It is important that everyone read this post by George Rodriguez,  he also posts and speaks at Raging elephants Radio.

I am a 5th generation Texan of Mexican descent, who was born and raised in the Border region. I also worked on the 1986 Immigration Act in the Reagan Administration, and therefore I feel somewhat qualified to speak about the current immigration crisis and recommend some solutions.
The Border region has always been lawless, and my family and I have lived with the impact of illegal immigration and border crime for several generations. What has now become a national issue was always a problem to law abiding citizens in south Texas. [….]

As for crime and fraud, several of my family members been victimized by illegal aliens who disappear into society or scurry back across the border. I remember in 1988, when a Mexican woman asked my sister if she could “buy” my recently deceased mother’s social security number.
Finally, I have been warning people for years that all the “Dreamers” need to be deported or America would become the “world’s orphanage”. That’s exactly what’s happening with more and more illegal alien children arriving every day.
It’s about national security and sovereignty, not race or ethnicity. Illegal immigration impacts negatively on American Latinos as well as everyone else, perhaps worst.
While politicians and the media discuss and analyze the “Border Crisis”, my family has lived it for generations. Here’s our solution. 
1. Secure the border completely…with a wall and the military to stop illegal entry.
2. Deport ALL the aliens who entered the U.S. illegally since 1986, regardless of their age.
3. Enforce all the immigration laws, including laws against hiring illegal aliens and providing them social benefits. 
4. Ignore the Democrats and bleeding-heart liberals.
The Border region has always been lawless, but the lawlessness has now spread through the U.S. We must act boldly to save our nation.  ( It is long so I left out quite a lot, read it all)

Mexico is Not Happy About Rick Perry’s Plan to Defend the Border. GOOD!

Turns out it was her husband when Lois Lerner emailed the words a…holes about conservatives.

Pelosi Chases Republican Tom Marino Across House Chamber this is not a parody, this actually happened.  Time for her to resign.

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