Links and comments, August 7, 2014

Dozens of inspectors general say federal agencies hindering oversight  Bureaucracy is trying to protect its power.

NASA scientist explains global warming hiatus–  or tries to.  Surprise, they have to revise their models.  That is their problem, relying on models with a desired outcome.

The Islamic State’s bloody campaign to exterminate minorities: ‘Even Genghis Khan didn’t do this’  Genghis Kahn was out to capture lands and people, not exterminate them.

An opinion on the Kansas election. The national GOP is desperate to hang onto their power.  From the article: Pat Roberts’ narrower-than-expected win over challenger Milton Wolf on Tuesday night — came with a big lift from party headquarters in Washington.

The Republican Party threw everything they had behind Roberts …. and what did they get for it? Less than 50% of their own base vote, that’s what. The anti-Roberts vote was split, not “defeated.”

Roberts defeated Wolf, 48 percent to 41 percent; a pair of minor candidates combined for the remaining 11 percent of the vote. [ed note: in other words, they managed to split the vote to enable Roberts to win.]

40 state troopers headed to Chicago to help combat violence  and yet they sent at least 1000 illegals to that city. Do you think they thought maybe that would dispose of them?

Walsh on the Edge: How Did Democrats Get There?  Oh what a tangled web…..

Homeland Security spends $450K on ‘state of the art’ gym memberships  poor fellows, seems they needed a morale boost.

Bolton: World Has Descended Into Chaos Under Obama I am not the only one to predict this, but remember my blog post of February 25th of this year If we are weak who is going to protect the world?

Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of crimes against humanity and jailed for life and way too long after the fact.

The first Horseman from Richard Fernandez on the ebola virus and world affairs.

Receding Swiss glaciers reveal 4000 year old forests – Warmists try to suppress findings

Have you taken your Obama loyalty oath?

Operation Choke Point: Bank forces pawn shop to close its accounts Yesterday Rush Limbaugh spoke of the futility that pervades the conservative class.  This is one of the things that is causing my feelings of futility.

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