Links and comments, Aug. 8, 2014

Ask W. K: My Dad is a Right Wing Asshole.  This should be read by everyone, conservative, liberal, and middle of the roaders.

1984 Redux: Orwellian Illegal Immigration

Caliphs gotta Caliphate – ISIS open slave market for women. A very disturbing photo and article.

So it turns out  that many of those “civilian” deaths in Gaza were young men between 20 and 29.  I guess that would be much like those “children” who were crossing our borders.  And by the way, did you know it has fallen off in numbers since we’ve been protesting it?  Of course those figures are from the administration.  KENS5 of San Antonio has some better figures and it looks encouraging.

Top U.S. officer in Iraq: ‘We must neutralize this enemy’  yesterday afternoon when I heard we had bombed in two places and were dropping supplies to those who were trapped on a mountain, I asked my husband if he thought maybe the generals were taking over.  Those same news reports said the Pentagon was denying it had happened.  I wonder if there was military action without Presidential permission, he seemed to not be concerned until his speech last night?  What do you think?  This article was published on Aug. 7th.

And more on the bombings in the world:  Who are these ISIS guys and why is Obama willing to bomb them?

When the President Does it that means….  double speak is called out.

Indonesian Girl lost in the 2004 tsunami is reunited with parents after 10 years. And her rescue truly was a miracle.

Today is the birthday of my daughter, she is my first born and the only daughter.  She has been a blessing for us her entire life. Happy Birthday, Teresa Thibodeaux.

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  1. Happy Birthday Teresa!

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