Links and Comments, Aug. 9, 2014

Sen Feinstein says it takes an army to defeat an army.

Willacy County sheriff says we are getting overrun and some armed illegals are wearing military fatigues.

From 1974; this essay on Did the Press  Uncover Watergate? by Edward Jay Epstein needs to be brought out and taught to the each new generation.  The Mainstream Media is very good at lauding itself and rewriting history. via Powerline Blog.

An Impotent President by A B Stoddard in The Hill.

More than half of the reciepts for the unaccompanied children have been lost “unexpectedly” of course, I suggest they will find them alongside the missing emails.

The Kurdish Forces to the Rescue of the Yazidids.  Kurdish forces from Iraq, Syria and Turkey organized the evacuations and were positioned along the escape route to protect refugees from the extremists. The organizers said Friday that around 20,000 people had been rescued from the area but most from hideouts in the vicinity of Mount Sinjar, rather than on the mountain. The Kurds are our friends and apparently the friends of the oppressed.

Hamas could have chosen peace, instead it made Gaza suffer  this is a little bit of an “I told them what to do and they didn’t do it” but it is the truth and a good background story.

The US Chamber and the Republican Party they are the enemy of the tea parties and other conservatives.

First ad from Wendy Davis is an attack ad,  this Washington Post writer is very disappointed in her. I read the article, did not watch the ad, but figure it is business as usual from Wendy Davis, and to be expected from a rather grasping, climber of a woman.  Too harsh?  I think she uses people to her advantage, always has and always will.

Even Blacks can be Racist- we knew that, now this court confirms it.

According to the New York Times, Fear of another Benghazi drove Obama to Airstrikes in Iraq;  With American diplomats and business people in Erbil suddenly at risk, at the American Consulate and elsewhere, Mr. Obama began a series of intensive deliberations that resulted, only a day later, in his authorizing airstrikes on the militants, as well as humanitarian airdrops of food and water to the besieged Iraqis.   And according to the Washington Post, Obama’s Authorization of Airstrikes is not connected to a coherent strategy.   In my opinion both the NYT and the WaPo are correct.

Kirsten Powers, a liberal commentator,who  was quite outraged at Obama ignoring the deaths of Christians  had this to say: he has no right to invoke humantiarianism, because he is not a humanitarian president. A humanitarian president does not sit quietly by, while hundreds of thousands of Christians in Iraq [are uprooted or killed]– forget about the rest of the Middle East — and doesn’t say a word.”   She was right about this.  (The link has video and transcript)

Politico has an article speaking up for conservative media and it’s call for action on the killing of Christians.   

And as the comic relief for the day we bring up John Kerry who had the audacity to tell Africans not to build more farms as it would contribute to global warming.   That’s the closest I could come to funny, it is really just irony.  And very, very arrogant.

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