Links and Comments, Aug. 10, 2014

Today  my husband sent out an email concerning the fable of “ocean acidification”.  I guess he isn’t the only one, the science blog Ice Age Now has this: Warnings about Ocean Acidification are Completely Misleading–and Deliberately So.  (ed note: this email was started on Saturday)

A wise father. I wish everyone had the time and opportunity to home school. Many do not.

Apparently  the generals did tell O what he needed to do  Obama decision followed limo ride with General.

Going it Alone  the real world of the problem of illegals in poor South Texas.

Militants leave other groups to join ISIS.   Apparently we are striking those close to the stranded people on the mountain.

Midterms approach with no dominant national theme high on voters’ minds – oh really, not true in my opinion.

Elections Matter. President Obama proves it every day as he willfully seeks to wreck our nation.  But this is very evident elsewhere, too.

President Obama makes video appearance at Gay Games.  But wouldn’t be bothered with a photo op at the border.

Obama’s Map of Misreading.   nope, I’m not Obama bashing, just showing you what’s out there.  Let them do the heavy lifting even when they mean to laud him.

Obama’s Treachery and Republican Silence

Top Campaign Donors of 2014 it is no surprise that 11 of them are unions.  “Don’t expect this report to become headline news. It doesn’t fit the narrative of rich, greedy Republicans, and rich, greedy corporations pouring money into politics in order to buy politicians.”

Data Shows Cash for Clunkers was an Epic Debacle  just another we told you so for all conservatives.

Get Ready for the 100 Years War with Islam – from Australia, but I suspect we are quite a few years into this war; remember they took over our embassy during the Carter administration, was that the start of that 100 year war?

I’m still looking for the good news to send today,  this may be the best I can do Federal Court Smacks down Eric Holder’s Attack on NC Voter ID.

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