Links and Comments, Aug. 11, 2014

More Federal Bureaucracy-  employees cheated the US Taxpayers by padding their hours.

Obama Says Iraqi airstrikes Could be Long Term -another source says we are also providing military equipment to the Kurds and Iraqis.  In this article: Mr. Obama described for the first time a more complicated effort to rescue Iraqis stranded on Sinjar Mountain, saying that the American military and others might have to create a safe corridor down the mountain. “The next step, which is going to be complicated logistically, is how can we give people safe passage,” Mr. Obama said.

Top Members of the Senate and the House Oversight committees support the concerns of IG’s investigations being stymied.

Even James O’Keefe dressed as Osama bin Laden can wade across from Mexico with no one to stop him.

A teachable moment in Foreign Policy

The Un-Midas Touch – Victor Davis Hanson has such a way with words.  Be sure to read this one, you will love it.

Polls from major networks, researchers and newspapers agree: America’s in a bad mood.  So I guess it is our fault, not his.

Suicide bomber class goes seriously awry.  The 21 students and the commander training them were all killed.  I wonder if they still get their virgins if they don’t kill the infidel?

And Richard Fernandez says – A Ringside Seat to Our Own Destruction.  His key paragraph: The Middle Eastern crisis is no longer a regional crisis. It has now become part of a global crisis, a link in a great chain of blunders engineered by the Great Golfer, whose most profound utterance is now, ‘who me?’  That explosive sequence includes but is not limited to the tensions in Eastern Europe, the continuing crisis in Southwest Asia and the ever-growing danger in the East as the Chinese dragon stirs.  That clamor can now be heard even in Western streets, yet it beats like noiseless rain upon the glazed glass panes of the White House. The most amazing sight is not the catastrophe itself but the seeming paralysis of the Western institutions. Prominent newspapers may issue warnings, former high military officers might wring their hands, congressmen even threaten impeachment, yet but only momentary awareness flits across the dull countenances of the bovine LIVs as they await their next dose of spectacle and reality TV.

Please, Mr. President Stay on Vacation –  my sentiments exactly, just leave us alone.

This isn’t funny, just another mistake by the doom and gloom crowd.

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